We Are Your Legal Resource Built Upon Decades Of Experience

Innovative Business Law Attorneys Offering A Range Of Services

At LLOY Law, we are not simply attorneys — we are businesspeople who thrive on collaborating with other businesspeople with a vision. For every client that we advise and represent, we are committed to providing the excellent, cost-effective business solutions that we would expect from a top business law firm.

Our attorneys integrate their investment regulatory experience to provide corporate and private investment fund services, covering transactions that include equity and debt finance, venture capital, seed and series stage offerings and investments, and private fund offerings. Our firm’s broad regulatory experience allows the team to tackle novel, complex and bespoke investments for its clients, advising on clients’ options for financing, structuring and operating their businesses.

International Trade Compliance And Transactions

There is no worse feeling than shipping hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods to a paying client, only to have the goods detained by customs for noncompliance, inaccurate valuation and related issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience in matters of international trade compliance, as well as cross-border business transactions. We can help you avoid legal pitfalls in international trade.

Cross-Border Business Formation And Corporate Structuring

Not every business is best served by simply creating a local LLC. Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be other options for structuring your company for success. At LLOY Law, we get to know our clients and their business needs. We can advise on the most effective strategies for business formation and jurisdictions, thereby optimizing the tax, regulatory and administrative treatment of your company.

Commercial Transactions And Debt Financing

We are not simply attorneys — we are also businesspeople. We instinctively understand the potential value of a joint venture or strategic partnership for young and old companies alike. That means we understand the importance of access to deep wells of capital and know-how, as well as the energy and creativity of a startup team. Make no mistake: joint ventures can be a trap for the unwary, which is one reason why we develop an intimate knowledge of your businesses — so we can help you make the right decisions for your specific circumstances. You can rely on our knowledge of the diverse legal tools available to help you pursue your long-term goals without unduly threatening a valuable deal.

Preventing Or Resolving Employment Disputes

Every business owner fears employment disputes. Even a frivolous complaint can bring untold financial hardship, emotional stress and waste of valuable resources. Our team includes skilled contract law attorneys and litigation attorneys who can maximize protection for your business. Our services range from drafting initial employee policies and agreements to helping you fire toxic employees without fear.