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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

We are a versatile team of securities and business law attorneys in Los Angeles, CA providing superior legal solutions for clients in a rapidly changing digital marketplace, as well as for clients facing traditional business challenges.

A Bi-Coastal Firm With Offices In Los Angeles, CA

Fintech, Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Counsel

As the law in the area of blockchain technology develops, LLOY Law takes a forward-thinking approach to blockchain-related issues, including those that emerge from smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

Our fintech and cryptocurrency attorneys in Los Angeles, CA help clients develop comprehensive legal strategies to take advantage of the most disruptive technology since the advent of the internet. As with any disruptive technology, blockchain provides amazing opportunities but also raises business, legal and regulatory challenges. LLOY Law is here to provide legal advice in these matters.

Our interdisciplinary blockchain team embraces and is committed to maximizing the transformative potential of this technology. We advise financial technology companies on the unique challenges they face, particularly in matters of anti-money laundering compliance, initial coin offerings, and application of distributed-ledger technology to existing systems.

Our Philosophy And Mission

The partners at LLOY Law are former legal service consumers who found some practices of the industry to be archaic and ineffective. With that in mind, we dedicated our careers to providing sound and cost-efficient legal services in Los Angeles, CA centered on a thorough understanding of each client’s needs and circumstances. We get to know you, your business and what you need to achieve your goals.